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Intave AntiCheat




Intave is an advanced and fully automated cheat-prevention software to stop and block cheating on spigot-servers.
This is intaves official webpanel. This will be your shop, your assistant, your config-library and your download and analytics platform.
If you want to learn out more or want to stay on track and get notified about updates, join our discord server.

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Why Intave?

We have been working on intave for over 1 year, and we got a lot of experience in developing anticheats.
There is basicly not a "best anticheat", even thougth many say.
So instead of just saying "our anticheat is the best", we want to stick to the facts and made a list where you can see some dis- and advantages of each AntiCheat.

AAC Spartan NoCheatPlus Intave
Killaura Yes, but easy to bypass & many legitflags Yes, but very easy to bypass & many legitkicks Yes, but very easy to bypass Yes, will detect advanced paid clients and is very hard to bypass. Almost no legitkicks
AntiKnockback Yes, but easy to bypass & many legitflags Only whitelisted y-Checking. Velocity will bypass No Yes and hard to bypass
Fly Yes, very strong anti-fly protection Yes, many legit-flags on ground Yes, but its setbacksystem gives cheaters an advantage (Bugup) Yes, very accurate, less legit-flags and stable motion correcting
Scaffold Yes, but only loS checking and lots of false positives within AACAP Yes, loS and placespeed checking, but very easy to bypass Yes, but only loS checking Yes, motion, loS, placespeed, cBlock, fSneak and safewalk checking. No known fps.
FastBreak (Blocks) Yes No Yes Yes
BedFucker Very weak No Yes Yes
Spammer Yes, but not effective Yes, but not pre-configured and very uneffective No Strong protection against spamming and insulting, pre-set and proven to be effective
Performance Less performance impact (A-SYNC) High performance impact (SYNC) Less performance impact (A-SYNC) Balanced performance impact (HYBRID A-SYNC)
Global Statistics & Analytics No No No Yes
Global Alt & Account protection No No No Yes
Config Documented, easy to understand, but config pre-sets are paid Documented, but not that easy to understand Documented, but not that easy to understand Documented, easy to understand with many completely free config pre-sets
Support & Help Yes Yes No Yes
Pricing 22,47 Euro (20 GBP) 18 Euro Free 20 Euro
Any of these values can be proven and should not say "this anti-cheat is good/bad".
They are maintainly provided in order to highlight our particularities and to let the customer form his own opinion upon the basis of our provided points.

Always stay on track

Always keep an overview of what is intave doing by having detailed statistics you can easily request.

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Each server is helping the others

By sharing kick-data, many servers - yours included - can block hackers from (re-)joining.
This "join-block" option is fully optional and can be turned off using the configuration file of intave.
Learn more here